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Dramatically sexy TS beauties show director JD their tits, asses and feminine charms — and their big, hard cocks — in “Transgressive 8.”

TS On TS!: Dynamic Brazilian TS duo Gaby Ferraz and Vitoria Neves fondle each other while they tease in skimpy lingerie, stockings and strappy heels. The beautiful brunette T-girls worship each other’s big tits and round butt. Vitoria probes Gaby’s asshole with an invasive rim job. She then sucks Gaby’s tucked T-cock from between her gams. Gaby services Vitoria’s she- meat with striking blowjob mastery. Ms. Ferraz sits on Vitoria’s lap for an anal ride. Returning the favor, Gaby plunges her stiff she-prick up Vitoria’s ass doggie-style. The transsexual hotties trade more rectal boning in multiple positions. With the erotic free-for-all reaching its climax, Gaby pulls out her meat to spackle Vitoria’s tits with sticky spurts of jism. Vitoria masturbates to orgasm, sending Gaby off with a nice cum facial.

Solo Masturbation Show: Encased in striking, red vinyl fetish attire — stockings, garters and corset — seductive TS tart Lara Lopes teases. The young T-girl slowly reveals the stiff she-dick tucked under her laced, crimson panties. Lara masturbates her hard-on, bending the huge, curved phallus between her sexy legs. She spreads her ass cheeks and fingers her butthole for director JD’s probing lens. Brunette Lara pulls her big cock again, wielding its rigid length with the utmost skill. The intriguing trans girl jerks herself to a stunning climax, her boner spurting she-semen like a hydrant. JD’s camera slowly tracks across her body as Lara plays with her spunk. The solo exhibition ends with her pouty lips blowing the audience a kiss.

TS Evelliny Dates Cis Girl Larissa!: Brunette TS Evelliny Moura smooches with naturally busty cisgender female Larissa Leite. Their gender-bending hookup finds both hotties teasing in skimpy undies; Larissa stuns in pale blue lingerie as Amazonian Evelliny poses in black fishnet stockings, bra and panties. Larissa strokes the T-girl’s thick she-dick to full erection. Larissa bends over, opening her crack for a deep, probing rim job. Larissa sucks schlong with deepthroat blowjob technique. Larissa takes a ride, her cunt filled with with Evelliny’s meat. They switch to anal sex, Evelliny’s hard she-rod creaming Larissa’s rectum! Larissa dismounts to give tasty, ass-to-mouth head. Evelliny buttfucks Larissa to impressive, gaping perversity! The passionate humping climaxes when Evelliny spews gobs of girl-jizz onto Larissa’s tummy.

TS Kalena Rios Tastes Her She-Cream!: Hot Brazilian TS Kalena Rios poses for adventurous XXX director JD. The stunning seductress unfastens her red lingerie top, letting her sexy, tan- lined tits pop free. She rubs her panties-covered crotch, pulling aside dainty undies to expose her stiff she-meat. Kalena stands to stroke her big cock, and she lustily tucks the tool between her squeezing legs. She masturbates more, working that she-shaft to full erection, and tasting tiny droplets of pre-cum from her dick head. Kalena slinks and teases on the bed while tightly grasping and pumping her rod. Finally, she spurts a wad of jism that goops up her inner thigh. Kalena’s slender fingers and talon- like nails scoop up the creamy jism, and she tastes her wet she-sperm with naughty satisfaction.

TS Ariel Oberlin & Stud Trade Anal Fun: Dressed only in sheer, laced stockings, garters and a dainty top, petite, auburn-haired TS Ariel Oberlin stands stroking her hard she-cock. She tucks and untucks her stiff meat, teasing porn muscleman Alex Vitor. Alex kneels to spread Ariel’s ass cheeks and rim her sphincter. He masturbates while giving her an expert blowjob. Alex deepthroats Ariel down to her shaved balls! She sucks Alex’s boner, taking it all the way down her gullet. She jacks her girl-prick while Alex reams her rectum. Ariel shoves her prick up his ass, stroking his schlong while subjecting him to anal drilling. They trade off butthole banging! Alex climaxes first, drizzling semen onto his thigh. The longhaired T-babe unleashes a frothy cum blizzard that splatters Alex’s torso and coats her fingers. The session ends sweetly — Ariel and Alex gently kiss.

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Stars: Lara Lopes
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