When Sports Betting Gets Fucky





Studio: Cassie Cummings
Approximate Running Time: 00:09:38
Date Added: 2021-11-24

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Cassie Cummings came over to watch the big game at your place. You both enjoy friendly wagers when you watch together and this time was no different. Unfortunately for Cassie, her team blew it in the end and she lost the bet. You have a different prize in mind this time, and you command her to strip for you. 'A deal is a deal' she admits and takes off her clothes. You'd waited so long for your chance to fuck her! Before today, her team had always managed to win but now you have your chance. She assumes the position on your couch, ready to pay her part of the bargain. You move up behind her and enter her from behind. She moans loudly as you fuck her doggy style and then flip her over and go for more in missionary style. You can tell she's enjoying this bet as much as you are as she starts begging you to cum in her. Did she know she bet on a bad match-up? Did she hope she'd lose the bet this time?
Clip 1 - 9 mins 38 secs

When Sports Betting Gets Fucky Clip 1 00:01:20
When Sports Betting Gets Fucky Clip 1 00:03:00
When Sports Betting Gets Fucky Clip 1 00:05:40
When Sports Betting Gets Fucky Clip 1 00:09:00
When Sports Betting Gets Fucky Clip 1 00:09:20
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Cast & Stars: When Sports Betting Gets Fucky

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