I Swiped Right On Lily Lavender





Studio: SydneyScreams4u
Approximate Running Time: 00:23:48
Date Added: 2021-11-01
Released: 2021

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Sydney Screams is swiping on Tinder when she sees a cute trans girl whose in town for a couple of days. Sydney messages the girl, Lily Lavender, and they agree to meet up at Lily's hotel. When Sydney shows up at Lily's hotel room, they get straight to business kissing each other as their hands explore each other's bodies. The two girls strip out of their outfits and bra & panties then Sydney gets on her knees to give Lily a blowjob. After Sydney sucks Lily's girlcock, she lays back and Lily eats her pussy until she's wet and ready to get fucked silly! They start in missionary as Lily pounds Sydney's fat pussy then they switch to missionary and Lily gets a great view of Sydney's big butt. When Sydney climbs on top of Lily's hard girldick, Sydney's big belly and all natural big tits bounce up and down as she rides in reverse cowgirl. Finally, the two girls spoon and Lily shoots her girlcum into Sydney's fat pussy! Would you swipe right on these two sexy girls?

Clip 1 - 23 mins 48 secs

I Swiped Right On Lily Lavender Clip 1 00:02:20
I Swiped Right On Lily Lavender Clip 1 00:06:40
I Swiped Right On Lily Lavender Clip 1 00:12:00
I Swiped Right On Lily Lavender Clip 1 00:13:20
I Swiped Right On Lily Lavender Clip 1 00:17:40
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Cast & Stars: I Swiped Right On Lily Lavender

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