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2022 AVN Award Nominee for Best Trans Movie

Under Her Short Skirt: The delicious Aspen Brook is taking some selfies while cosplaying in uniform when she's approached by the mysterious Will Havoc. The natural born smooth talker easily coaxes Aspen into taking him home with her, but when he's finally there Will discovers that his red haired hook-up is not as sweet as she seems. The wild Aspen is in fact a sadistic dominatrix with a taste for perverts like Will!

Who Needs Manners?: Natalie Mars is a bored and beautiful brunette socialite dreading her debut at the stuffy gala she's expected to attend, so when tattooed bleached blonde bad boy Mickey Taylor shows up and suggests something a little less prim and proper, Natalie takes him up on it immediately. Mickey beckons Natalie, letting her worship his cock through his pants, wrapping her silk fingered gloves around it as she takes it into her mouth. Natalie begs Mickey to use her, her mouth drooling as he starts plowing her tight ass. Mickey takes Natalie from perfectly put-together princess to cum crazed fiend, smearing her make-up and putting her in nose hooks before blasting his cum all over her face in this hot and hardcore fetish scene.

Tickle Tickle: Pornstar goddess Nicole Knight is a kinky domme who likes to tie up her subjects and tease them in all sorts of ways. This time, she takes care of Michael Del Ray's sensitive armpits, feet and balls with a feather. After making sure Michael's tickled almost out of breath, she frees him and allows him to take his "revenge" on her. Aroused Michael decides the naughty Nicole deserves a good and deep pounding session.

Unleashed: Dominatrix goddess Jamie French loves to have a leashed guy by her side. The ever horny girl is looking for the perfect match to her intense libido, and Johnny Hill certainly fits the shoes. Jamie makes him gag on her hard dick, then gets him on all fours to eat his ass. When it comes to being fucked, Jamie doesn't hold back. She orders Johnny to let her ride his cock. Johnny obeys Jamie's every indications until he finally gives her the orgasm she truly deserves.

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