Studio: TROUBLE Films
Director: ,
Approximate Running Time: 01:10:18
Released: 2021

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Shot sex tape style, Poe’s BDSM adventure begins with an experimental, art porn vibe, with the glittering lights of Sin City serving as the lush backdrop for cock sucking and fingering with her first playmate, Jay Poe. After that, you’re treated to two more scenes cinematically exposed to bring you right into the POINT OF VIEW of the dominant femme, teasing and pleasing the submissive Poe.

Poe continues her debaucherous romp with a stop at famed East Bay dungeon, Blackthorn, for a visit with queer porn icon Courtney Trouble, who expertly guides Poe through her very first BDSM, sensory deprivation scene featuring a leather hood and an open mouth gag, leaving Poe a hot, drooling mess. Here fans will see the very beginnings of the AVN Award nominated, TROUBLEfilms lesbian BDSM series, East Bay Brats.

And for the finale, Poe pairs with newcomer, lascivious goth domme Lita Lecherous, for her first ever ABDL scene. Set in Chelsea’s pink bedroom, Lita makes Poe their diaper slut in an age play scene for the ages.

“I’m so excited to put out a piece of porn that is truly intimate and close” during winter lockdown, “a time when a lot of people really can’t experience that.”

Clip 1 - 15 mins 58 secs

Poe POV Clip 1 00:02:40
Poe POV Clip 1 00:06:40
Poe POV Clip 1 00:08:40
Poe POV Clip 1 00:12:00
Poe POV Clip 1 00:12:40
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Clip 2 - 16 mins 53 secs

Poe POV Clip 2 00:17:20
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Clip 3 - 37 mins 27 secs

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Poe POV Clip 3 01:06:20
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