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Isabella Nice is sick of Charlotte Sartre and Cliff Jensen acting like they invented sex. They freaky couple are always rubbing their escapades in the faces of Isabella and her husband (Draven Navarro), claiming that they're the most sexually liberated people to ever live. Tonight Isabella has had enough and decides to call the couple out, inviting them to prove how liberated they are with a BBGG spouse-swapping foursome. After some initial hesitation the surprise swingers throw down in a hot and heavy bisexual orgy, everyone getting real freaky with it as they suck, lick, fuck and flick their way into a frenzy of orgasmic delight.

It’s a stormy night and Natalie Mars arrives at a nearby hotel soaking wet after her car breaks down. The hotel is completely booked, but clerk Ricky Larkin feels sorry for Natalie. He gives her the last room since the people who made the reservation were no-shows. After Natalie thanks Ricky and goes to settle into her room, Ella Nova and Wesley Woods show up wanting to check in. Ricky gives them the bad news, their room has been given to someone else! Ella and Wesley are not happy about the situation so Ricky comes up with a solution. He asks Natalie, Ella, and Wesley if they would mind sharing if he comps the room. They agree and Ricky goes to get more towels for them. While Ella is in the shower, Wesley and Natalie start fooling around. Ricky returns with the towels and catches them in the act. Wesley invites him to join in and Ricky excitedly agrees. When Ella exits the shower she’s shocked by what’s happening. Upset that Wesley’s fooling around with another girl, Natalie decides to comfort Ella by revealing her cock. Ella’s intrigued and starts making out with Natalie. Looks like being stuck indoors is turning out to be a lot of fun for this foursome!

Jacob Stax and Michael Stax know that it's important to have someone who you can share everything with, especially dates. One night the two stacked Stax dudes bring home the eager to please Elle Voneva and the ready to dominate Jessica Fox. Proving the old adage about death and Staxes true, the boys inevitably decide to pull off a swap. They sneakily trade partners, but nothing gets past Elle who quickly realizes what's happened. However, Jessica and Elle aren't the type to look a gift horse in the mouth and decide that it's time for a freaky foursome with a pair of Staxes! Michael bends over for Jessica, letting her fuck him hard while Elle watches from on top of Jacob's thick cock. Michael and Jacob swap partners and let both gorgeous girls ride their matching cocks until they're ready to receive their sloppy facials.

Those quiet moments at the end of a party: who can stand them? You've exhausted every topic of conversation, there's nothing left to do but look at each other and wonder... is there a little something there? For the smoking hot foursome of Dante Colle, Sophia Grace, Victoria Voxxx and Pierce Paris, there's more than a little something. Victoria stirs the pot, telling Dante and Pierce to kiss while she and Sophia watch. It's not long before the four sexy stars decide that the party is just getting started. The rich fucks tease and toy with each other, exploring their bodies and spreading the wealth with their mouths, fingers, tongues and even fingers in this no-holds-barred bisexual orgy.

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